Chocolates by Mail Order  Telephone 01690 770296 or 01690 770181

We are happy to supply chocolates by mail order to any part of the UK. The package will be sent by First class post to the address of your choice.

Box Sizes

125g contains between 7 and 9 chocolates/truffles costing approx £9.00

250g contains approx 15/16 chocolates/truffles costing approx £16.50

375g contains approx 21/22 chocolates/truffles costing approx £22

500g contains approx 29/31 chocolates/truffles costing approx £28

These prices are based on our standard box with a coloured base (pink, red, purple or green) with a black lid and includes post and packaging. Boxes with Christmas designs (solid lid) cost slightly more.

Once you have decided which size box, you can choose what you would like to go in the box. Although we do not have the facility for you to choose individual chocolates/truffles, you can tailor the selection as follows:

1)Chocolates or Truffles - Both or just chocolates or just truffles?

2)Dark, Milk, White Chocolate - All three, any two or all one kind?

3)Nuts - Can the selection include chocolates/truffles containing nuts or nut ingredients? Please note that as we use nuts in some of our processes all our chocolate products may contain traces of nuts.

4)Alcohol - Can the selection include chocolates/truffles containing alcohol?

5)Is there any flavour that you would like to include or exclude?

Now phone us on 01690 770296 between 9.15am and 5.30pm (Wednesday to Sunday) and we will take your instructions, prepare your order, and call you back to arrange payment by credit card.

Don't forget you will have to give us details of where to send your order.

If you are sending the chocolates to someone else, you can send us a card for including in the package, or we can include a message on your behalf.

Dulcie Jones The Riverside Chocolate House, Penrefoelas, Nr Betws-y-Coed, Conwy, LL24 0LE Phone 01690 770296